WWIB: In The Flesh


It’s that ‘suns out guns out’ time of year. Unfortunately these guns look more like water guns. And by water guns I mean water balloons. And by water balloons I mean you’re gross and flabby so put a f*cking shirt on.

Ohio & Texas

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Down Under


You know what you’re not going to find digging into your ass under your sweatpants in public? – A husband.

North Dakota

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Brazil Nut


Big shout out to Brazil for their first PoWM pic! It’s nice to know that not every person in Brazil is a gorgeous model. Enjoy your World Cup soccer thingy and thanks for the steakhouses and your waxes. PoWM goes worldwide!


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Y Not?


It’s 2014, people can love who they wanna love for all I care, but that doesn’t mean we all don’t have to keep it classy, lesbians included. Although it does give me a chance to share a snippet from my all-time favorite movie. I honestly can’t think of the word lesbian without this scene popping into my head

New York

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