Mouse Trap


I’m just impressed Mickey can still keep a smile on his face. That takes dedication.


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Whiz Kid


Why walk a few feet and piss in the Walmart bathrooms which are open 24/7? Where is the fun in that? Good thing you opened those car doors, very sneaky there, we definitely can’t see what you’re doing and if we can’t then the police definitely can’t either.


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The Alaskan Sunshine



Apparently Whoville is located somewhere inĀ Alaska. It makes me feel at ease knowing that the Grinch won’t be plundering any of my Joe Boxer shorts this year…I know, who the f*ck uses the word “plundering”? This guy!


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No Sitting Zone


Damn chairs just jumped out in front of me from nowhere!…Probably a suicide attempt If I had my guess.


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Three Ring Focus

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