Dunkin’ On Duncan


I would normally give this old dude the business for his tight middrift shirt, but it’s a San Antonio Spurs jersey so I’ll let you enjoy your victory lap after they won the NBA Championship last night. Plus, Tim Duncan is the man and my all time favorite player so I’m secretly giving you mad props.


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Feel The Breeze


Peek-a-crack, not as popular as it’s cousin Peek-a-boo but still very popular in small niche markets like a Walmart near you.


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Chew Tobacco, Spit


I’m sure our friends over at WhiteTrashRepairs.com are totally in love with this sick whip. Do you applaud their sense of humor or would you rather take the bus?


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Gandy Is A Dandy



I’ve seen Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White but seeing Gandalf the Bat-Shit Crazy is a first for me.


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