WWIB: State Of Emergency


Well even though they aren’t wearing much and I’m not even sure any of that is classified as clothing, I suppose we can still do a “Who Wears it Better?” I’m going with weird Harley Quinn looking chick. – And if you love some friendly & gross competition, don’t forget to pick up a copy of our newest book People of Walmart: State of Emergency so you can see people of walmart from each state battle it out for supremacy!


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Biscuit Pick Up


Those bottom biscuits look hella uncomfortable. Either cover them up or let them free completely. It looks like they got stuck trying to peek their head out and we’re gonna have to call the fire department to come get ’em unstuck.

South Carolina

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Naughty, Naughty


Clearly that fancy leather belt is just for looks because it definitely isn’t doing its job properly…Also, did you get bit by a huge vampire?


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Unclean Relations


You can’t have a pussy in the men’s room!


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