Toys For Big Boys


It’s called “Toys for Tots” not “Toys for your Truck because you’re a grown ass man that should act like it” – partially because of how long and specific that second one is.


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Triple Threat


I see at least some of us hit the trifecta over the weekend….cause the 3 of them are wearing the same shirt….and the Kentucky Derby was Saturday…and trifecta is picking the horses to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd…and because I’m now broke because I can’t pick horses andManny Pacquiao sucks at boxing. So now would be a great time to tell everyone to go buy all our calendars and books! Who cares if the calendar is from 2014? It’s still hilarious no matter the date!


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Bust A Nut


Yowzers! Guy looks like he is capable of cracking a chestnut open with that ass! I’m intimidated.


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The Charging Station


Hey, sometimes we all need to recharge our batteries.


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