Caboose Cleavage


With jorts like that flashing those bottom biscuits you can’t even pretend like you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Nobody could objectively look at those shorts and think they would cover anything at all. You are full on in the know regarding your booty cleavage.

New Hampshire

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Unnecessary Cursing


Well if that’s your number I’m not impressed. What’s the rule of thumb ladies? Divide their number by 4 and that’s the real amount?


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He’s Ready


If I were ever getting ready to be in some large street gang brawl I’d want this dude on my crew. The other gang would be like “WTF is this dude? Is he for real or is he just so batshit crazy that you don’t know what he’ll do?” It’s that uncertainty that will have them thinking twice before they step to us. True story.


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Chomp Chomp


I’ve seen the movie Outbreak. That shit won’t end well. I’m gonna pass.


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