WWIB: Head To Toe


Ladies love their outfits, that’s a fact. I haven’t seen better matching pants-tops combos since the Adidas track suit of the late 80’s. Which fly gear do you prefer? That all camo errything or that terrible kids doodle come to life?


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And I Run


I’m not sure if you crazy kids are getting ready for some kooky 5k run or a rave. I don’t know. Frankly I don’t care. What I do know is you look like a bunch of sluts and in my younger years I would support that. However as I get older that ideology changes. It pains me to say this but you should probably not look so skanky in public.


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The Flightless Thief


Nope, nothing to see here. These wings are mine and they’re for flying. Definitely not stealing them at all.


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Poor Keith


Way to go Keith! Way to suck at life person who decorates cakes at Walmart that clearly never passed the “stay within the lines” test at Elementary school. On a side note, I wonder if that turns your poo green like the Halloween Whopper?


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