WWIB: Undies Here & There


Why are there so many people in the world that don’t know how to wear underwear properly? They can be backwards, inside out, not on at all and nobody would be the wiser. Yet, people still manage to showcase how bad they are at dressing themselves.


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Dude, if you love America that much why don’t you treat your balls to some freedom and let them out?


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Bottom Drops Out


In case you’re wondering why girls love sundresses, it’s because they can do this in Walmart. Coincidentally, it is the same reason guys love them.


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When Kittens Become Cats


Thanks for spelling that out, but the fact that you’re an adult painted up like a cat pretty much let us all know that already. Even the people in the Broadway show Cats hate their lives. If you insist on painting your face at least be something cool, don’t waste it on being a shitty cat.


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