The Holiday Pimp


Old St. Nick-Nack looks like he’s about to slap a ho ho ho.


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The Ho Train


I’m not sure where da Ho Ho Ho’s at sir. I’m also not sure if that custom “black santa with a pick comb in his beard” sweatshirt you have on is racist or not. Can Latinos be racist to black people? Can I even laugh at that shirt now it’s 2015? I’m a white guy so I can’t confidently or legally answer any of these questions.

New Jersey

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Shopping at Walmart on Christmas Eve,
I turned the corner and what did I see?
A big red thing staring back at me.
I needed some vanilla pudding to continue to bake,
the sight of this, my eyes could not take.


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I’m Ready!


For real, you are extremely close to bringing down an icon and a entire brand that has been built up for over 16 years. That’s impressive.


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