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Sweet haircut. I can’t tell if you’re a Broncos fan or just lost a bet. Wowzers that looks awful.


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Yosemite Sam


Okay, not quite sure I’m totally on board with this, but at least Yosemite Sam is the man. I just can’t bring myself to hate on the rootin’, tootin’, six gun shootin’, varmit-huntin’ wild man of the west! Maybe our pals at WTFtattoos.com can be a little harder on this guy than I can.


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Who knew there was a market for all gold moccasins?

New York

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The ‘Chu


I thought I was crazy when I asked if Pokemon was still a thing when I saw their Super Bowl Ad. Clearly Pikachu is alive and well 20 years later. Egg on my face right?


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