The Blowhole


I’m sure he’s got some cool story about how his pants shred. Like maybe it was from a charging bull or, more than likely, the time he got drunk and stuck a bottle rocket in his ass and lit it.


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So dressing up in an inflatable dinosaur costume and doing stuff is a legitimate internet thing right now. Sometimes I honestly wonder what our ancestors would say if they found out this is they type of shit we’re into now. They built cities and fought wars while we have our friends take pictures of us planking on random objects and mowing the grass in a dinosaur costume. I have such a love-hate relationship with this new online world we live in.


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You’re My Butterfly


Didn’t know they stuck a Walmart in the middle of Burning Man. And since you’re all thinking about it, I’ll just go ahead and leave Crazy Town right here for you.


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Head Phones


When our children grow up and have tiny microchips implanted in them or something else cool I hope this picture is still around so they can see how ridiculous we looked when we all thought it would be a good idea to start increasing the size of our phones again.


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