Trying to get that….beer money? Right? Because he’s turning in his coins. From his beer bottle piggy bank. That an adult probably shouldn’t own by the way. But still. Beer Money? Right? Hilarious. I crack myself up no matter what you people say.


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Kitties & Titties


Yeah so it’s Friday. Dem some titties. Not great titties, but who has ever heard of bad titties?


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License & Registration


I think this might be the first time I truly understand Sisqo’s thong song. She got them dumps like a truck so literal they had to put a license plate on it.


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Through The Fire & Flames


You can call me sick and demented but I love seeing hoverboards because I’m hoping to watch someone eat shit on one or it catch fire. Like, I’m not even trying to hideĀ it anymore. I’m straight up blatant about it. Like NASCAR people there to see the wrecks. I want carnage because you’re stupid and I fully buy into Darwinism.


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