Spring Rally


Yeah I see the commercials and billboards and road signs telling me I need to watch out for bikers, but at some point they need to watch themselves. I can’t be on guard everywhere I go now. You catch me shopping hungry or something, that risk to not get hurt is now back on you.

South Carolina

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Mama Minion


The craziest part of this all is, they managed to take over the world anyway….they just did it in plain sight. Who’s stupid now?


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Thumbs Up


That’s why I keep hand sanitizer on deck at all times. You never know what all she touched with her hand after grabbing her a palm full of sweaty, hairy ass.


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Beer Is Good For You


What is the final tipping point of f*ck it? Like I’ve seen some people mail it in, but you’re not even giving that type of effort right now.


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