Bros Being Bros


Well isn’t that just brotastic. Listen bud, that weird semi-homosexual playaround time is fine for your frat house but Walmart is not the place for it.


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Hidden Valley


How you just gonnna forget pants? For real, you look like you’re about to climb into bed, not choose another weird derivative of Ranch dressing they made up like Bacon Chive Buttermilk Sour Cream Ranch….Light (although that does sound dope). Back to my point, where are your damn pants?!?!?


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The Booty Flip


Whhaaaaaat?!?! Where did your ass go? It’s like they forget that part while you were being built. But those are like the world’s smallest shorts. You don’t have an ass. And yet somehow they don’t cover the ass you don’t have? My mind is just not processing this mess.

North Carolina

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My Blanky


Hey there Linus, at some point you’re gonna have to outgrown your security blanket to operate in our society.


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