The Kardashian Killer


Dude. Are you trying to make yourself suspect #1 when something horrible eventually happens to that big butted chick whose real dad helped get OJ off for murder and whose second dad (mom now?) killed a person with his/her car? Now that I think about it, perhaps a strong father figure in her life would have helped. Anyway, they are coming after you, that’s all I’m saying.

North Carolina

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The Stinker


Once the initial urge to vomit wears off, you begin to find yourself in awe of how bare his ass is considering how much hair he has elsewhere.

New Hampshire

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Inside Out


It’s like an explosion of gross. I hope I don’t catch any shrapnel of buttcrack & fupa.


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WWIB: We Want Some Mo


This is an epic battle of which old dude stopped giving a shit more. It’s a difficult decision but I gotta go with that purple stuff.


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