Trump Thumper


I don’t care who you’re voting for. Seriously, like not at all. Mainly because statistically speaking, most of you are morons and you vote doesn’t really count anyway. If you think your opinion counts, that’s adorable and good for you. However, what I can’t wrap my head around is putting a Presidential Candidate bumper sticker on your car, let alone deck the whole thing out. You’re gonna look like a fool for quite some time after the election, win or lose.

New Hampshire

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Walmart Transportation


I’ll give you one guess where they’re headed…


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Hilary’s #1 Fan


I seriously don’t get how people get so attached to presidential candidates! Do you really think your life is going to change one way or the other after this election? You think Hilary is going to come to your house and fix all your problems? I wouldn’t bother going to a presidential rally if it was in my backyard. I sure as hell wouldn’t wear their face as clothing.

New York

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Teeny Bopper Shopper


Pap Pap needs to stop stealing his granddaughter’s jorts.


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