I’m Blue


Why so blue? Is it because you’ve got a bag of both Cheetos and Doritos? That’s good news. In fact, that’s not even a tough decision if you have to choose. Doritos 10 out of 10 times. Also, look on the bright side, you can toss on a big white sweater and go as the Sadness from Inside Out for Halloween. See, I’m already cheering you up.


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Bobble Buddies


You’re killing me here smalls! Just setting a trap for me to see if I wasn’t paying attention and have me make fun of a handicapped veteran. Not gonna happen. You’re making it really hard on me with all those bobbleheads and is that a sticker of an accordion??? Oh my goodness!. But no. No I’m not gonna take the bait. Move along.


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More Power


A girl in the power tools aisle at Walmart in her camo hoodie pulling up her denim skirt to show off her ass…what a redneck princess! Go on and treat yourself to a couple more Busch Lights.


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Viva La Mexico


This couldn’t get anymore stereotypical if they all had margaritas and someone was hitting a piñata.


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