Puppy Problems


“Give me a minute guys, I gotta meet up with my snausage dealer real quick.”


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Dine On Swine


I hope that pigs shits all over that blanket or coat or whatever it is, because I can tell it would be a pain to get poop out of that thing. Stop bringing pigs into Walmart, stop training your pig to be a cannibal too. That’s weird.


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Start A Petition


There are probably a few items a tad higher on the list of “things we need to end” like world hunger and equal rights and whatnot, but I think we can knock off flesh-colored leggings rather easily and hopefully it will inspire us to conquer the bigger things on our list. Kinda like when Alabama plays Middle Mississippi State Technical College the first game of the year. Just gets the juices flowing.


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Still In The Spirit


One of the Who’s down in Whoville left for bigger and better things. With no overtime or health insurance.


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