No. Don’t Stop.


I think they’ve got a name for that. It’s called rape.


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4 More Days Until Christmas


Only 4 more days until the jolly fat man comes and gives you the wrong color iPhone and you pitch a bitch like the spoiled little ungrateful shit that you are. Merry Christmas.

New Mexico

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Pussy Tat


Wow. Ok, so you nasty. Not sure why you felt the need to send it picture of your fupa. Even more confused why you felt the need to go out and get a tattoo that labels your pussy. Like for real, who needs to label body parts. Sure, it doesn’t look like a typical vagina, but we’re all familiar enough with that area that we can use context clues to deduce you have one.


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Breakfast in bed? I’m fine with that. Breakfast on your head? Child please.


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