WWIB: Let Down Your Hair


Ok people, I need some help. I’m going for a new hairstyle and I can’t pick between Rapunzel and Flaming Cheetos guy. Which look do you think is more in right now?


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Hollywood D


I wouldn’t tell Santa that or you’ll probably find yourself on the naughty list. However, on the down low, if you’re looking for that I’m told Hollywood is the popular spot to get some right now. Apparently those guys have been throwing it around like crazy for years!


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No Returns


Ughhh. Wonder if I can regift this…


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Lil’ Peep


First thing my daddy taught me was that if you were going to cross-dress in tight girls clothing you better be hung like a moose or people won’t be just laughing at the outfits….Actually my daddy never taught me that. That is just common sense right there but I wanted it to seem more wise than it is.


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