Some say graffiti is art. Others criminalize it. Either way I haven’t stepped inside a bus since I turned 16 so I’m not going inside there anyway.


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Cram It In


Go to the meat department if you’re gonna show off them man-hams.


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Got That Shoe Money


Guess this is what happens when that fat Google check runs out. Check out Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoeman, the nerdy guy behind the viral Google check image. He’s hanging out at  www.shoemoney.com telling you how you too can floss your chest hair outside of a Walmart that use to be a Walmart Supercent but is not just back to a Walmart. Hmmmm, I see similarities.


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Lil’ Bitch


Typically I frown upon people writing on someone else’s vehicle but I’ve been around this website long enough to know there is actually a good 65% chance the owner of the truck wrote that themselves.


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