A Tasty Morsel

Ok, honestly those are some nice panties. I mean, not on you. But if they were off you and hanging on a rack or on someone that I’d like to see wearing them, I’d say “Wow, those are subtle but very nice undies.” So I guess what I’m saying is, I find you kinda odd but you’ve got good taste.


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Bulk Buyer

Turns out Sam’s Club is actually worse than Walmart. Buttcracks in bulk.


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Raccoon Mario

One of these days people will realize they can’t wear red shirts under overalls without being mistaken for Mario or in this case Mario who experienced tragedy and moved to an isolated cabin in the wilderness somewhere.

New York

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360 Degrees

Quick check in on my favorite sex doll…a sentence I can now surprisingly say out loud without fear of my wife smacking me.


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