Happy Easter

I can only assume our mutual friend the Holiday Man rides this pimped out Jeep. Mainly because outside of his enthusiasm for all holidays, I’m not sure who gets this hyped for Easter. At least somebody that’s old enough to drive.

New York

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Full On Fully

At what point does it stop being referred to as a midriff and is considered a full-riff?


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Hanging Out

I suppose some people just have so many skeletons in their closet they spill over to the trunk of their car which is basically the closet of your vehicle.


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Mystery Sack

I’d touch it but I’m worried that if I poke a hole in the sack there will be like a zillion who-knows-what type of bugs or something that come out to defend their turf. Could be killer bees, could be killer ants, could be killer Mike. Long story short, something that will kill you.


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