Chivalry Isn’t Dead

One of my fellow cashiers walked up to me after getting back from her 15 minute break with a big smile on her face. I asked her why she is so happy, considering she was miserable before her break. She held out her left hand to show me a (small) diamond ring on her pinky. She then proceeded to tell me that her boyfriend of two months showed up while she was on her break, got down on one knee in front of Subway, and proposed to her. I wanted to laugh, but instead I told her how happy I was for her and all, but I did ask why it was on her pinky. “Well, he didn’t know my ring size, but he couldn’t wait any longer…” I start to say how sweet, but she added, “Because at 5:00, he is gonna go turn himself in and spend a month in jail.”

I was speechless, so I muttered an “Oh!” and luckily a customer was ready to check out so I was able to step away. She was telling everyone all about it and gushing about how romantic it was, and all I could think of was if I had been proposed to like that (and in those circumstances), I wouldn’t have told a soul.

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    There’s so much wrong here…

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    November 11th, 2012

  2. Joey BadaBing

    Another heartwarming story from the slammer :-)

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    November 13th, 2012

  3. Noodengr

    Well they say ” love is blind” so who are we to judge?
    I find the story sort of charming, in a redneck innocence of youth way.
    I wish the couple all the best, and hope ( but doubt) that this will be their only time apart due to a jail sentence.

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    November 19th, 2012

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