Another Brick In The Wall

I figured Trump would drive a nicer vehicle, especially now that he is President.

New Jersey

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Another Brick In The Wall, 6.1 out of 10 based on 133 ratings

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  1. Fahk Drumpf says:

    That pickup deserves a good keying.

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    • Pepe says:

      I’ll remember that if I ever find out who you are and what yours looks like. if you’re even old enough or have the financial ability to own one.

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    • your 2 dads says:

      Why? Nobody keys the public bus you ride.

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  2. Pepe says:

    He’s not wrong though, no matter how tacky this looks. Illegals don’t belong here, they didn’t follow the law and they should not just be “given citizenship”

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  3. Love this sticker !! Its TRUE !!!

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  4. Dick says:

    I notice that my name and email is required to comment on your site but you’re OK with folks coming into our county illegally, without us knowing who they are or what they’re intentions are, and getting benefits. No inconsistency there.

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  5. Paulalovescats says:

    Too bad it’s all the crazy white males who were born here who do all the shootings

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