Burn One Down

Easy to talk smack when using kids are human shields.


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Burn One Down, 6.0 out of 10 based on 93 ratings

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  1. nano says:

    I think he is illiterate and unaware, since those kids look a little too brown for him to consciously wearing that shirt. Unless he is kidnaping them to drop off at the nearest ICE office.

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  2. Don says:

    Learn the history behind the Stars and Bars. It has nothing to do with racism. It has to
    do with the PC BS that has over taken the mindset. The statues that are being removed in the south
    because they are racist. They were erected as part of the healing between the North and South after
    the civil war. Before you jump me and call me racist. Go read some history books, learn something other that who is doing what on facebook. Or what the latest freak is doing in hollywood. Last I live in the Northeast and never have lived in the south

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    • Shartiblartfat says:

      The Civil War was fought over slavery. EVERY state constitution of every Southern stae had in it preamble that slavery must be preserved.The flags and monuments memorialize treason. The biggest mistake after the Civil War was grace and forgiveness. In my opinion, EVERY Confederate officer above the rank of captain ought to have been hanged. Reconstruction would not have been as brutal to the survivors, and existing rancor would have been gone in two generations.

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  3. nano says:

    I want to reply to Don’s post, but I don’t have enough time.

    I know the C flag wasn’t always about racism, but I think the racists took it as their own. Kind of like how the swastika was around way before the Nazis.

    The only “healing” statue I’ve heard about was the one in Kansas City.

    Maybe I’ll do some more in-depth posting next time there’s a C flag pic.

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  4. George Rockwell says:

    Go be an assblasted faggot somewhere else.
    God Bless Dixie

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  5. DC says:

    Sure thing, just as soon as you go back to your own Confederate country. Oh wait, those treasonous assholes lost that war! They don’t actually have a country. Oops…

    Guess you can always wave around the last known Confederate flag, you know, the white surrender version.

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