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Funniest caption/comment either posted below or on the People of Walmart Facebook page will win an ugly Christmas sweater of your choosing at Entry must be in by midnight EST tonight. Good luck and be funny minions.

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29 Responses so far.

  1. RiFFA says:

    Now that’s an ass! So hot!!!

  2. RiFFA says:

    Damn that is one fat sexy ass!!!!

  3. Mark says:

    What is she even covering up with that thong? It’s like wearing underwear on your ears!

  4. Saint_Barry says:

    Either way, she looks like she’s gonna blow!

  5. Ham Sandwich says:

    To be honest i thought the arm was some sort of bald head with some serious neck fat, before i noticed the underwear being sucked into hell

  6. Rowdy1055 says:

    I think I see a surfer’s ankle leash tied to the thong . . . so it won’t “get lost” (smirk)

  7. Zzyzx says:

    Wearable auto-wiping toilet paper…

  8. Steve Stafford says:

    Why do they always put the bibles on the lower shelves ?

  9. Abbi says:

    Public service announcement (and all you need to know) from the pantyhose – run!

  10. NAVIN JOHNSON says:


  11. Paulo Pinto da Costa says:


  12. fubukifangirl says:

    Do these people have any shame at all?

  13. Nena Freitag says:

    This photo was taken just moments before the great fat flood of Walmart. RIP all 307 people who died that day.

  14. Randy says:

    when the run in her hose reaches her hips that poor old thong will rip and take out her lips!

  15. Diane says:

    If she.farted

    there would fabric all over the store.

  16. AvaKelly says:

    oh… Sh*t thats funny omg thats why fat people dont where thongs but i mean ew… omg i showed this to my momshe almost threw up lol

  17. gooner says:

    I’d hit that.

  18. Beelzebubble says:

    Woman’s parasitic twin eats thong!

  19. TS Garp says:

    Scientists discover Huge Black Hole in Walmart

  20. lulu says:

    my cousin yazena butt looks like that its so plain

  21. enya says:

    Nothin’ says “sexy” like a tag sticking out of your underwear.

  22. melissa says:

    why would she were an underwear if its in your butt that gross

  23. For fucks sake says:

    Fucking hideous cow spreading her vile stench all over. Shoot the slut n put it out of our misery

  24. Sergio C Allen says:

    shit why does victoria always have fucked up secrets ‍♀️‍♀️

  25. Sergio says:

    shit why does victoria always have fucked up secrets ‍♀️‍♀️

  26. Charles says:

    What did those poor THONGS do to get sentenced to cruel and unusual punishment

  27. Brenda Torres says:

    they didn’t start off as a thong

  28. Swell Dame says:

    The thong is ended, but the malady lingers on.

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