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We’re Going Streaking!


For those wondering, here is an example of one of those times letting your pants hang low and not wearing a belt could come back to haunt you.

New Jersey

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Help A Sister Out


If we could just somehow coordinate these two to bump into each other all of our problems would be solved!!

Pennsylvania & Virginia

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Poop & Co.


There is a shit on the floor. I was going to do a “Who Wears It Better?” or whatnot, but that’s not gonna happen. The more I think of it at least this dude tried (quite unsuccessfully) to cover up and fix his accident. The other one is simply a shit on the floor and I can’t have that.

North Carolina & Virginia

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Old Yellow


See spot. See spot run. See spot run down you leg and onto the floor…ohhh ohhhh that’s ohhhh that’s gross.

Louisiana & Texas

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