What the shit is that? Is that Bat-Dog? Is it an ugly furry dragon? I’m baffled. Completely baffled right now….unless it can actually fly, then I’m kinda jealous.


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You serious here bro? Just gonna bring a gator in Walmart like it ain’t no thang? That’s messed up. You know what’s not going to be messed up? When I call up my boy Troy from Swamp People to come and “choot” that thing in the head.


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Hay Hay Hay

Hey, you can lead a horse to Walmart but you can’t force him to put on pants. Am I right? Huh? Right?….Whatever, just get your damn beet pulp.


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Muskrat Love

To be fair, if for argument’s sake you were in the market for a truck bed full of dead muskrats you’d probably go to Walmart first.


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