Funky Monkeys


1. I’ll just say that’s neat to put a monkey in overalls. Adorable. But now that’s out of the way I can go back to calling you both assholes. There is one accessory dumber than a fannypack in Walmart and that is a damn monkey. Get them out of the store. I don’t like poop and bugs next to my deli meats or anything else for that matter.


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Those Funky Monkeys


I was just saying to my bff the other day “Hey bff, you know what would make shopping for stuff more enjoyable? The smell of monkey shit.” And my bff was like “Hey! You might be on to something there!” It really was another bonding moment for us. Also, get your stupid f*cking primates out of the damn store!!!


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What The Flock?


Look at these two shit stains that clearly don’t listen to my previous pleads. I guess birds of a feather right? Aaaand BOOM! Hit ya with the unexpected pun. Put it on the board.

Florida & Washington

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Ruff Riders


You ever find yourself realizing your dogs are cooler than you are? Happens to me all the time…especially with the ladies.


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