To Catch A Predator

Let’s give a big PoWM hello to Fred Eichler (left) from the show Predator Nation. Now don’t feel bad if you don’t know who Fred is or what that show is, I didn’t either. However, let me save you some trouble, turns out that show is about hunting animals like bobcats and bears and not about hunting The Predator from the movies. AKA complete letdown.


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My Pet Monkey

Here’s the thing I’m torn on. Am I glad you have a diaper on your monkey to prevent it from shitting on the floor or am I pissed off the monkey has a diaper because now it will be difficult it to fling it’s poop? I’m leaning towards the latter and here is why: You’ve already pissed me off and crossed the line by bringing a monkey into Wally World so you might as well go full-force with it and let him toss his shit all over the place. Your thoughts in the comments are encouraged but I will not likely care.


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Man & Beast

Because a talking parrot is for punk bitches, that’s why.


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The ‘Boys Are Back In Town

In case you couldn’t tell by ESPN devoting 48 out of 60 minutes to football now that training camp has opened, football season is almost here which means die-hard football fans are gearing up for another year! I’m looking forward to it almost as much as I’m looking forward to all the “experts” trying to dignify why they are so high on the Dallas Cowboys again this year despite the fact that they’ve won 1 playoff game in the last 15 years. How ’bout them Cowboys?!


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