Coo Coo For Raccoons

I knew Walmart bought wholesale but do they really needs to start cutting out every middle man and buy directly from the source? I spend the extra couple bills on my coon skin hat so I don’t have to make it myself, thank you.

South Dakota

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Getting Your Goat

It’s true that the antlers definitely add some cuteness to your pet goat, but I don’t think they add any sanitation to the situation so I’m still gonna have to ask you to leave your farm animals back at the farm. Although I have to admit I was pretty damn close to letting this one slide, but I just can’t set a precedent of allowing this.


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Recycled Water

At first I thought this woman making out with her dog in the middle of Walmart was weird, then we were told that this lady took a bottle of water from her husband, drank it, then spit it back up for her dog. So everything is good now, nothing to be weirded out by here!


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Bird, Bird, Bird

Well I stand corrected, it looks as though bird in fact is the word.


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