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I will not make a pussy joke. I will not make a pussy joke. I will not make a pussy joke. Ahhhh, ummmm, dammit! I really wanna make a pussy joke! That’s it, I’m leaving before I crack, you guys handle this one. Best caption gets to pet her…oh geez, there I go again, never mind.


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I’ll Have A Chinchilla

Let me tell you a few things about chinchillas. (1) They are rodents, and (2) they are commonly used by the fur industry for clothing and other accessories. So either you like to carry around a rodent at all times or you are not grasping the “accessory” part. Either way you slice it, something seems off…on a side note, did anyone notice the sweet Super Troopers reference in the title?


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He Wants To Jam It With You

If you’re going to dress your dog up like Bob Marley, don’t half ass it. The dreads are awesome, don’t get me wrong, but at least give my man here something to puff on while you are buying your avocado, ice pick, and snorkel that you will MacGyver into a bong when you get home.


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Bottled Up

Bobby, they ever find that monkey dat escaped from da zoo and punched you in the eye? – No mamma, da search continues.


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