Puppy Puns


Guess you could say she jumped on the puppy bandwagon? Right? Huh? No? Not feeling it? Okay. What if I told you he seems so excited I bet his tail was…wagon? What?! Did I just blow your mind with that one? No? Again? Wow. Screw you guys then.


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The Smelly Skunk


What the actual f*ck are you doing? You’re stupidity almost wants me to give a pass to all the people bringing goats and birds and lizards and other stupid animals into the store. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised since you’re like 11 with an arm tattoo. Clearly good decision making isn’t something that you inherited.


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Crazy Climber


Just got your pet iguana hanging out on top of your Jeep. We get it bro, you like to rock climb and sleep in tents. Good for you.


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Pretty In Pink


While I’m fairly confident you turned in your man-card long before this, I’m gonna have to insist on you handing it over in case you’ve escaped prior judgement.


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