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Chubby Chaser


Well at least we’ve finally started to properly label our misguided tattoos now.


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Turkey & Football

I can’t wait to lay around on the couch tomorrow feeling like a fat piece of shit while watching football because that is what America is about on Thanksgiving! So in that spirit we give you our Turducken picks for the games. (1) Cowboys over the Dolphins because cowboys are closer to pilgrims then dolphins are. (2) 49ers over Ravens in the Harbaugh bowl because I’m a Steelers fan so f*ck Baltimore. (3) In an upset we’ve got the Lions over the undefeated Packers. Why? Because lions are vicious and hungry animals ready to tear their prey apart much like me on a turkey leg. Get some!


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WWIB: Hair Done

Ladies love to get their hair did and we love it too! What I need to know in this edition of “Who Wears it Better?” is which hairdo would you do? The tough-hawk or the Kid ‘n Play?

Illinois & North Carolina

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WWIB: Red ‘Til I’m Dead


I’m sure there are a million red-hot jokes you guys could come up with, but what I really want to know is which one you’d want to throw into a ring with a bull.

Illinois & New York

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