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Dreadful Mess


Hey Reggie, I’ve heard of dreadlocks, but shitlocks? Take that pile of shit off of your head.


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‘Hawk & Animals

Listen, I get that when you have kids your disposable time to put on reasonable clothes goes down the shitter, but I’m pretty confident after like 4 years you get some of that time back. Or you could always use the time it takes to have a pink mohawk and redirect that to dressing yourself. Just a thought.


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The Grand Champion

I’m glad ugly Christmas sweaters are the cool thing to do now, that way people will think I’m stylish instead of knowing I was forced to wear that thing my aunt made me. If only that tie-dye and Spongebob look could gain some traction.


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Over The Hedge


What the hell do you call a comb-over that doesn’t cover anything? I guess just “over”? Like your hair is over there, that’s it. It’s not as catchy as some of the other haircut names but it gets the job done.


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