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Baller Status

I can’t be sure if this is a celebrity sighting or not. I don’t think she is actually in the NBA, but full disclosure, I don’t watch the NBA. I find it to be stupid. Since 1980 there have been something like 8 or 9 different teams win the championship, that’s pathetic. 32 years, 8 cities…man that’s some exciting stuff right there. I don’t even have to watch a game to have fantastic odds of a preseason bet.

South Carolina

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Pants Are Overrated

I have a fever, and the only prescription is for more pants…Yep, that’s it. Pants would solve all my problems here.


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Rounding Second


I think you can get to second base just by giving her a hug.


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Got The Life


Hold up real quick, let me show you guys a decision you’ll never regret. Take that WTFTattoos.com!


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