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Back Crack Attack


I can’t determine if I’m being back mooned or checking out back cleavage. Either way I don’t like it.


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Making Room For More

That’s pretty much the look I have after Thanksgiving dinner. And to be honest, the guy had on suspenders and a belt all day so I’m sure he needed a little hang free time.


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WWIB: Clean Up Your Mesh


It’s not even Halloween yet but you ladies seem to be getting after it already. Which meshy leg lady do you guys prefer?


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Caption Contest!


Well, not much really needs or can be said, but we would like to hear what you guys think anyway! It’s time once again for all of you to amuse us! A CAPTION CONTEST is upon us again, so let’s see what you got people. The winner will receive a a special weekend getaway with this guy/girl/whatever….Actually we can’t guarantee that, so you will have to settle for a t-shirt or maybe a coupon to Golden Corral. I don’t know, I got shit to do, write some captions.


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