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From The Creators Of PeopleofWalmart.com: Your Kid’s Art Sucks!

It’s gone on long enough that children have been given a pass for being cute and innocent. Now it’s time for them to stand in line and take their lickings like the rest of us. The bad news for them? They have to face the caption writer of PoWM. The good news for us? We get to see it. Please click here or the photo above to check out the newest addition to our network.

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Angel Soft

With shorts like these, she’ll be making demon babies in no time!

South Carolina

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Always On Your Mind


Is that what it means to be touched by Jesus? And by Jesus I obviously mean that new Latin barber down at the shop.


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WWIB: Two In The Pink

You guys remember the musician Pink? Is she still around? Obviously her cronies are still going strong, but I haven’t heard from her in a while. Anyway, what’s important here is that it’s time for the world’s greatest game ‘Who Wears It Better’. So which of these two “Stupid Girls” is the real “Lady Marmalade”?


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