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Prom Night In Montana


Hey PoWM, how boring is prom night in bumf*ck Montana? Great question. For the answer, see the group above, none of whom were elected prom king or queen, but 2 were offered jobs as overnight stockers.


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It’s The Monopoly Guy

Do you have to give people $200 every time they pass you on the road then? Seems like a bad investment since you’re only in a Ford. Guess you didn’t get to build anything on Boardwalk and Park Place, because then you’d probably be able to screw up a nicer car.


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The Sinbad Show


This would be weird until I told you they are just filming a scene for an upcoming¬†Sinbad¬†movie. Then you’d be like “Oh okay, that makes sense. That’s definitely something I could see Sinbad doing in one of his movies.” Then you would stop for a minute and say “Wait a second, I haven’t seen a Sinbad movie in like 15 years…and come to think of it, that guy isn’t even Sinbad!!!” – then it becomes weird again.


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The Horny Soccer Mom


Sorry bro, nobody in the world has ever been that excited in a minivan.

North Carolina

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