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I’m sure this tough Truck Life dude was SUPER EXCITED when his girlfriend surprised him by making his truck look cooler!


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WWIB: Cow Goes ‘Moo’


Kind of a “clash” of the titans deal we got going on here huh? Right? Cause their clothes clash. You guys feel me on that right? No? Dr. Pepper for the baby? Nothing? Ahhh, you can all piss off.


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Stupidity At Its Finest


You wouldn’t believe how many useless pictures/stories we get sent in that are so stupid they will eventually give us brain aneurisms, but we are kind enough to spare them from you. However I felt the need to share the black face sisters pic and story with you all so you can get a glimpse at what we deal with:

“Yupp.. Probably the best Bon fire yet!! And we weren’t even drunk!! Soo soot out of the exhaust in the trucks..covered each other and then we all went to Walmart!! Haha great night over all with my best friend and maybe a new boyfriend? We will find out :)”


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Hungry Hungry D-Bags


I’m sure our friends over at Dbagging.com can relate to this douche and his future self.

New Jersey

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