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Line It Up


I was wondering how I could pattern my hair so I could clearly distinguish to everyone that I have a mullet. Thank you for being an innovator and what I assume to be at least 87% bat shit crazy.

North Carolina

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Message From Above


After you get over your initial shock, look closely at her arm…..does it say “No”? Just in case you were thinking about it, the powers above have graciously sent you a message.


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Indiana Jones Loves Frosted Flakes


Dammit Tony, can’t you let Indian Jones shop in peace without bothering him for a picture? It’s obvious he has fallen on hard times lately! Not grrrreat Tony, not great.


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I’m Not Really Sure


Fortunately, they were also giving away free samples of penicillin in the next aisle over so I was able to escape with my life.


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