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MC Pee Pants


This is just frustrating. I’ve said before that I won’t make fun of medical conditions, but please wear pants so I don’t have to see your piss bags. Technically he listened to me, but practically he hit me in the head with a tack hammer. I feel like I’ve told my kid not to shit on the carpet and he just went over and shit on the hardwood floor.


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The Comfy Couch


Well that just seems not only safe but practical as well. Too bad this isn’t West Virginia where someone would do us a favor and burn the couch.


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Half Assed


Fun fact: For the first 2 weeks after a new moon, the moon is visible in the daytime!


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Keeping Their Distance


I don’t know exactly what those things on your legs are, but I’m pretty sure they used to be pantyhose which decided that instead of being stuck up there they would just wilt and deteriorate until they are at a safe distance.


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