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Foods Out Boobs Out


We are creeping up on summertime guys, so don’t forget to hit the gym before you get your bronze on. These dudes are a little early for suns out guns out, but maybe they live by the philosophy of foods out boobs out. I don’t know how they get down, but I can tell you they definitely like to party.


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Tink Before You Act


It’s never good when Tinker Bell starts to look like a 747…keep it at home.


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The Hot New Toy


Nothing to see here people, just some moderate self asphyxiation. Move along and mind you business, sooner or later a parent will hopefully do something.


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Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?


You know what’s awesome about little kids? Everything. Seriously, if you aren’t the one cleaning up after them, they can do no wrong. I mean, if you put these two together they look like they could act out some Sesame Street scenes right now and that is beyond awesome.


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