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More Words To Live By


At least someone’s momma taught her what’s right in this world! Also, I’m no tattoo expert so maybe our pals at WTFtattoos.com can weigh in, but it appears as if this tattoo “artist” used the space bar a few too many       times.


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WWIB: Throwback Thursday


You two would look stupid weird by 1980’s standards and they even had David Bowie.


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Bear In Mind


Hey there buddy, I know that in Alaska it’s just you and the bears and Sarah Palin all hanging out living & working together, but unfortunately the cutoff for that adorable hat is when you’re no longer a 12 year old girl…15 in Alaska due to strong bear/human bond as previously stated.


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Why are skullets so awesome? Because not only do they tell the world that you are a badass that won’t take no sh*t, but they also distract us from that girl’s custom jorts!


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