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WWIB: Cat Fight

We got ourselves a good ol’ fashioned cat fight here for this edition of “Who Wears It Better?” We’ve got our feisty kitten up against the angry pussy! Who ya got? Personally, since her pussy shirt clearly says that she “makes all the rules” then I have to assume she will have the upper hand in this battle!

New York & Wisconsin

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Wrong Ho-Ho-Holiday

You know who dresses up as Santa Claus for Halloween? Someone that’s not creative. But while we are on the topic let me vent my frustration real quick to people and stores. Show some damn respect for Thanksgiving people! I don’t want to see X-mas stuff, I don’t want to hear X-mas music while I’m shopping, and I don’t want to put money in your damn red pot until after I’ve enjoyed my f*cking turkey. There, I’m done.


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Two If By Sea

Who needs a U-Haul when you have the S.S. Mason? Let’s face it, this has all the makings of a Gilligan sequel, but let’s let him have his fun in the meantime.


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Straight Up Shankster

Prison jammies are soooo comfortable! I don’t care what people say, I’m keeping ’em on! Plus I’ll stab a bitch if they keep talkin’ shit, I ain’t afraid of going back!


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