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Joe Camo


Is this the guy who killed Osama Bin Laden? While it’s more likely that this is the guy who hunts deer bare-handed, it doesn’t matter, they are all heroes…..None of us say it enough but thank you to all of our troops.


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The Seat Grab


I’m not Matt Hoffman, so I’m not sure if that technically counts as a wheelie or any other type of bicycle trick.


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Southeast: #8 I Only Have Eyes For You Vs. #9 Keepin’ The Hands Warm


Man I hate 8-9 games! They are so tough and can really throw off an entire bracket! So do you “see” Twilight moving forward? Or do you think our 9 seed will “heat up”?

Please cast your vote in the comments!

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The Crusaders


Listen, looking back, the whole “crusader” thing didn’t really pan out for Christians in the PR department and I don’t even let the guys wearing ties and short sleeve dress shirts in my house, so I doubt I’m gonna hear you out on how to find Jesus.


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