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Walmart Lover


I find it hard to believe that anyone in the Walton family is driving a Toyota Sienna so I have to assume someone just loves Walmart that much….or maybe they couldn’t fit Peopleof on the plate?! Either way I’m sure they will show up on our other siteĀ YouDriveWhat.com real soon.


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Newest Hall Of Fame Inductee


I just made an executive decision (which might just be overdue) to induct Magic School Bus Lady into the PoWM Hall of Fame. Go ahead and take your rightful place on the throne next to Willy the Pimp as the two of you reign over all of us.


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What A Rip!


Well it makes sense that after Rip Van Winkle here woke up he would need to take the biggest sh*t ever!


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Blue Meanie Pimpin’


What would a PoWM book release be without the Hall of Famer Willy the Pimp stopping by to say ‘What up’? We’ll see you next on the New York Times Best Seller list pimp daddy!


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