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Good Times

1815PA Wow! Ummm, okay. I wasn’t aware 11 seconds counted as good times, but that is fantastic news for me! I would now like to say “Take That” to all the girls I’ve been with! Creepy Sanchez here says what we did, albeit quick, is classified as a good time. So yeah, I guess “that was it” and you’re welcome……oh God, why did I just tell the entire world that. Ignore what you just read.


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Holy sh*t! Michael Jackson actually came back from the grave as a zombie just like he did in Thriller! Too soon?


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Reppin’ The Rainbow


Oh God! Oh my God man! Oh geez! Oh man a double rainbow!!! How’s does that even…oh my God! Oh geez man! Okay, that video and joke is now officially old and played out, and I apologize. Let’s stick with what we know: Who wears it better, Santa’s odd cousin or Mrs. Hippie Skittle?

New York & Texas

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‘Cuz He Likes To Party


Well, thank God you had some common decency and were responsible enough to cover up those calves while you went out in public. There are just too many impressionable kids that could be exposed to that sort of sight!


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