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Sylvester The Cat


Are you just making sure everyone knows they taw a puddy tat? Because I’d bet all the citizens wish Bugs Bunny and friends would have made that left at Albuquerque instead of sticking around.

New Mexico

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Chunk Her


So many questions! Most importantly, how the hell do I “Chunk” her? And also, does wearing that shirt make you a bitch, and if so, can you hold still so I can chunk you?


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Hanging By A Thread


So I guess he’s just ‘hangin’ out”?….huh?….huh?…..get it?….’cause he has hangers hanging off his shirt…..get it?…..yeah, you got it. Sweet pants by the way.


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White Boy


I was just asking my friend “Hey, is that a black girl? Or maybe it’s an Asian transvestite? Ohh, I think it might be a Hispanic hermaphrodite?” But thankfully we noticed that you labeled yourself White Boy, so that cleared up all the confusion we had. Thanks!

South Carolina

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