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Hungry Hungry D-Bags


I’m sure our friends over at Dbagging.com can relate to this douche and his future self.

New Jersey

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Lookin’ Devilish

Hmm, and all along I always thought the devil was in the details. Turns out Walmart is where we should have been looking. Should have been obvious.


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What A Fox!

What’s up ladies? Who’s trying to go back with him to his fox hole & get furry? Wait, actually I think it’s a fox den, but I like hole better for this…’cause he’s probably an asshole.

New Mexico

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Fashion Statement


I’ll be honest and say that I’m not an expert on fashion modeling. However, It doesn’t take an expert to know that every model’s big break came from the head-shot on the hood of their car. It’s just good marketing and always pays off. Fact.


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