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Oh sweet Jesus! Why couldn’t this have been the other type of drive-by?
(Note: We at PoWM do not condone nor encourage the drive-by-shooting of any Wal-creatures….there is just too high of a risk of a stray bullet hitting a child, someone else taking a picture, or Nick Nolte).


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How Does It Work?


I didn’t think hoarders ever left their house, but I guess I was wrong. How does one even drive that thing? I’m not talking about “How does someone not feel stupid riding around on that?” That’s a given, but I really mean “Physically, how is it even possible to drive?”


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Phish On A Dish


No I don’t want to go back to your apartment and sit in a beanbag chair and listen to your Phish records….just pay for your frozen fish tacos and leave.


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Reptiles & Amphibians



These are actual items sold in the Wal-Marts in China. Pictured are crocodiles, frogs, and turtles.


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