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Whooty Who


How can you possibly think that’s an appropriate outfit to go out in public? It’s barely appropriate for a dominatrix. Ugh, I honestly hope Dexter is behind that plastic curtain with a room set up for you.

New Jersey

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Timeout For Taz


Just catching a few zzzz’s while keeping those hands warm. It gets tiring saying “thank you” so many times a day when everyone you pass is like “sick tie!”.


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Tutu For You


Y’all can mock all you want but this was one of the most entertaining school pageants I’ve ever seen. Although, to be fair, if you’ve ever been to any of those recitals you know the bar is set like super low.


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Seen Better Days


Your b-hole looks like a well used pub dartboard. What the hell man? Retire that thing already.


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