Oh sick paint job bro. I’m totally digging that mustang…or Unicorn eating it’s own horn…or just a horse smoking a blunt. Either way, you’re totally bad ass broseph!


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One-Eyed Willie

Okay, okay, okay, listen to me. We are in NO WAY WHATSOEVER making fun of this man for being disabled or handicapped in any way shape or form, so I don’t want to hear about us being mean or hypocrites….But we had to share. For the love of God his name is Willie and he has one eye! C’mon now! If we didn’t post it I’d feel bad for holding back on you guys.


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WWIB: Dudes In Denim

It’s time for the game you love, I love, and the children love Who Wears it Better: Denim Dan Edition! Okay my people, who do you think sports the best Canadian Tuxedo? Obviously neither of them wanted to make this a 3 piece suit and put on a shirt, but for my money nothing beats a camo hat accessory!

Florida & Pennsylvania

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Dance Moms

Okay, now I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t like this picture. The main reason being, I can’t be sure this is an actual celebrity so someone might just be getting one over on us here. However, against my better judgement, I went ahead with it because apparently this lady is on the show “Dance Moms” and if there is anything I like it’s the ability to ridicule someone publicly because I don’t like them. I hate parents that live vicariously through their little kids, whether it be in dancing or those weird pageants. You are old now, you didn’t win shit, you weren’t the prettiest or the best dancer, get over it. Forcing you kid to do what you hated to do and failed at won’t change anything….I’ve said my piece.


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