Flying Monkeys

If you’ve come to this website before you know I can’t stand stinky ass monkeys hanging out where I shop for food. Then, you are probably assuming this evil looking mofo has me to the point of boiling over, but surprisingly, no. Don’t get me wrong, I still hate filthy monkeys where I shop, but for some reason this one doesn’t piss me off as much and the only reason I can think of is I’m waiting in anticipation for him to sprout wings and fly around like those monkey in Wizard of Oz….but he probably won’t so get him out of the damn store!


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WWIB: Twice As Nice

What?!?!!? Two “Who Wears It Better?” in one day! Are you kidding me?! Friday the 13th is luckier than folk lure lets on! Hot damn! So we all wish we had x-ray vision, but like they say, be careful what you wish for! Who ya going with people?

Missouri & New Jersey

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Double Bagging

Ah yes, the old ‘bag over the baby’ method. On this Friday the 13th, you remind me that I’d be more inclined to let¬†Jason¬†babysit a child than you.


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WWIB: No Shirt, No Problem

Your favorite game, my favorite game, everyone’s favorite game: Who Wears It Better: Who Doesn’t Wear It Better Edition. While shirts may be optional, the party is mandatory. Who do you wanna get down and funky with?

Florida & Texas

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