Winter Bikini


I know it has been unseasonably warm this December, but I think you’re taking this a tad too far. In fact, you’d probably be taking mid-July too far in that getup.


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At least he can express himself with some creativity. I like a joke that makes you think and I’m pleasantly surprised it came from someone rocking this truck. The standard “F*ck Obama” on a bumper sticker just doesn’t cut it for me anymore.


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2 Days ‘Til Christmas


There is Christmas spirit and then there is Buddy the Elf type energy. Although, she is probably gonna get hooked up with a ton of presents that people leave right at her feet. Smart play girl.


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1 in 4 Americans will get an STD in their lifetime. Now I’m not saying she has one. I would never say that about someone. I’m just pointing out a fact and letting you decide if you were putting down bets where you’re 20% guess would land.

North Carolina

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