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Smoochie Boobies


I’m not gonna go total hypocrite on everyone and say that this is okay or appropriate because she is hot, technically it’s not something that should be done in public. But I will say that for us here at PoWM that get sent plenty, and I mean plenty, of topless pics, this is what we like to call a pleasant needle in what is usually a big ol’ gross flabby haystack. Kisses!


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Too Chilly For My Willy


Just taking a quick dip in the middle of February…at Walmart. Seriously though, I don’t even care if this was taken in freaking St. Lucia in the middle of the summer, toss a shirt or something on lady.


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Cracking Jokes & Jokes


Guess you could say she is….cracking jokes! Huh? Get it? Cracking jokes?!?! Right? Like butt-crack! You know what, you people can’t be pleased and I feel no shame in that joke.


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I’d Like To Solve The Puzzle


Whoa!!!!! Hold on a second there fella. Either you are asking for someone to bash in that Benz or you have a great explanation and I’m gonna feel like Randy Marsh from South Park real soon with where my mind went.


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