Drivin’ Drunk…Classic

BILLINGS – Around 8 p.m., a car crashed through the Billings West End Walmart. A vehicle with four occupants was driving north toward the building and witnesses saw what appeared to be a passed out driver.

The car crashed through a wall and one person fled. Police have his name and are currently searching for him. The driver and one passenger were taken to the hospital and a third person was taken into police custody.

Police Sgt. Scott Conrad says alcohol is “most definitely a factor.”

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You know how I like to start my hump day? With a big breakfast of bottom biscuits. How ’bout you?


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Precious Cargo

Okay, rappers are taking this whole “what you got in your trunk” thing a little too far. I can put up with packing your car with 157 big ass speakers, but using live people is just ridiculous. We get it, you have money, stop showing off!


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Shore Thing

I didn’t know they moved Pennsylvania all the way east to the Jersey shore! Remind me not to go back home to PA anytime soon, because I’m not in the mood to get any of the…hepatitises? Hepatiti? The Heps? Hip hop anonymous? I don’t know, but the point is I don’t want any of them.


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